Amazon is an American e-commerce company dedicated to selling products online. Started selling books and today it has become one of the largest Internet companies with all kinds of products on their lists. It is the largest retailer in the United States and one of the most popular websites, favorite shopping destination.

EBAY: has become one of the models of largest and most successful businesses in the history of the Internet. Today, millions of people daily visit the eBay to buy and sell items that represent millions of dollars in transactions. eBay selling small and simple products, clothing, sophisticated electronics, automobiles, art for collectors, and even land and houses. It can be said that eBay is considered as the way to transact in the world via the Internet.


Play Ltd., trading as, is a Jersey-based online retailer of DVDs, CDs, books, gadgets, video games, DRM-free MP3 downloads, and other electronic products, as well as clothing and accessories. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten.


Magento is an open source web content management system for e-commerce. Is a flexible and scalable solution that can be developed practically all types of e-commerce projects.

It offers many features including especially highlight the flexibility in design and powerful control panel. It is also backed by one of the most important Internet companies, eBay, which acquired Magento in 2011 .

For these reasons and more it is used for the development of electronic commerce worldwide web application.


ChannelAdvisor Corporation provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions worldwide. The company’s solutions allow its retailer and manufacturer customers to integrate, manage, monitor, and optimize their merchandise sales in various online channels. It offers its software suite in various modules, including Marketplaces that connects customers to third-party marketplaces; Comparison Shopping, which connects customers to comparison shopping Websites; Paid Search to advertise products on search engines; Social Campaigns for publishing customized promotional campaigns on Facebook; Flex Feeds to generate and send customized product data feeds to affiliate networks, retargeting vendors, personalization vendors, and product review platforms; Webstores that offer e-commerce Website capabilities; and Rich Media, which provides enhanced media asset management, image zoom, color swatching, and video capabilities.


Google Inc. is an American multinational company specialized in products and services related to Internet, software, electronics and other technology services. The main product is the Google search engine in Internet content of the same name, but also offers other services such as email service called Gmail, Google Maps services of Google Maps and Earth, the video website YouTube, other web utilities like Google Books or Google News, the Google Chrome web browser, social network Google+ … etc.

In addition, it leads the development of Linux-based Android operating system, aimed at smartphones and tablets.